Learn How To Use A Flat Roof To Use As An Outdoor Dining Space For Your Restaurant

When remodeling a building to be used as a restaurant, the roof can be a great space to remodel. Restaurants have a specific amount of space inside of them, and remodeling a flat roof will allow you to create an additional dining area for your customers. When remodeling a flat roof, there are a few things you need to know. The following guide walks you through the essential elements to know when using a flat roof as an additional dining space for your guests.

Flat Roofs Aren't Actually Flat

When you have a flat roof built, it is important to know that the roof will not actually be flat. The roof has an apex in the middle of it to allow rain water to drain to the edges of the roof. The apex is minimal, but you want to be sure that you use tables that have adjustable legs on the roof so that they can be adjusted to create a level table top.

Use the Right Waterproof Membrane

Flat roofs typically use waterproof membranes to keep water from soaking into the building. There are many types of membranes on the market, and you need to take the time to choose an option that will not contract and expand when the weather changes. A roofing contractor can guide you toward the right membranes for your restaurant.

Add Grating over Drainage Outlets

Around the edges of the roof, there will be drainage outlets to allow rain water to escape from the roof. You want to be sure that there are grates placed over the outlets so that people can walk over the areas without getting their shoes wet. Be sure that the grating has small openings to ensure that women's heels do not get stuck in the openings.

Maintain the Drainage Outlet

You need to be sure that the outlets are cleaned out regularly because leaves and debris can get caught in them. If the leaves collect in the outlets, they can become clogged and cause water to pool on the roof. Hire a professional roofer to clean out the outlets when needed to ensure that the cleaning is done properly and no damage is caused to the outlets.

With these tips, creating a great outdoor dining space on the roof of the building will be easy. Roof dining is often very popular because it provides guests with a great view while they are eating and allows them to enjoy the open, fresh air the outdoors offers.

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