How To Get More Roofing Jobs As A Self-Employed Roofer

The great thing about being your own boss in the contracting world is that you get to be in charge of how much you work and who you do work for. The hard thing about being self-employed is that you are solely responsible for finding your own clients. When you work for yourself, you have to get your name out there, and getting roofing jobs can be much easier said than done. Here are ways you can get more work as a self-employed roofer.

Get licensed

Clients are more likely to go with a private roofer who is licensed and personally insured. Your local city board can help you get licensed to work as a professional roofing contractor in your area. The insurance you will want to carry is Contractor's Liability Insurance. This type of insurance means that your clients are protected in the event the work you do is not up to code or does not meet quality standards. If you have both of these professional needs in place, customers will begin to take you more seriously as a self-employed roofing contractor.


Advertise your work in your local newspaper, phone book, or have a website or social media page that people can go to. Your advertisement should show a picture of a completed roof you have finished yourself to show clients just what you can do. Advertise your experience, training, and everything you can do, including:

  • custom shingle installation
  • chimney caulking
  • gutter installation and repair
  • emergency service
  • free estimates

Offer incentives

A great incentive for clients is that you can beat any other estimate from local competitors. Since you don't have the overhead of having to pay employees, you should be able to reasonably beat or match the estimates your competitors give clients. Contact local roofers to see what they would charge for basic roof installation or repairs, so you know what kinds of rates to pass on to your customers in various situations.

If you cannot afford to low-ball your estimates, offer other incentives to clients, such as free roof maintenance for a few months or a quick turnaround time for completion. Being willing to work weekends and having emergency services is also a plus that customers can appreciate.

As a self-employed roofer, you want to reach out and obtain as many customers as possible. The best ways to do this are to be professionally licensed and insured in your area, advertise often, and have incentives that your customers can enjoy. Doing all these things can help you get your roofing business off to a great start. Contact a company like Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC for more information.

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