Three Reasons A Cool Roof Is Great For Your Building Maintenance Budget

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, a cool roof offers many clear benefits to your well-being, your community, and Earth. And cool roofs (which are simply roofs designed to reflect heat rather than absorbing it) come in many styles and materials, too. Your cool roof may consist of a material such as steel, aluminum, tile, concrete, slate, or copper. This leaves you with many design options if you choose to invest in a cool roof. For example, you could select a naturally reflective material such as tile, or you could opt for a metal roof with a "cool roof coating" to achieve similar effects. Here are three ways that a cool roof's energy savings, longer lifespan, and climate control assistance can really help your maintenance budget.

1. Energy bills

A cool roof can stay about 50 degrees cooler in the sun than a conventional, dark-colored roof. This not only makes for a more comfortable building that's easier to keep cool, but it also reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain a livable temperature in the summer. Because air conditioning is such a big energy drain, this considerable reduction in its use makes for a noticeable drop in the amount of energy used and thus in the cost of the energy bills. You can then use the extra money for other building maintenance if you so choose.

2. Roof lifespan

The constant heating and cooling of a black roof is really not very good for it. It's no wonder that conventional black asphalt shingle roofs only last twenty years or so. Not only do they constantly absorb UV rays throughout the day, they also accumulate enormous amounts of heat energy that drives their temperatures up to dangerous levels that can cause cracking and other damage. A light-colored roof doesn't have nearly as many problems because it reflects a large portion of the available sunlight instead of absorbing it all. This can decrease the amount of repair needed and extend the roof's lifespan. In addition, the optional cool roof coating that can enhance your roof's reflectivity is waterproof, meaning that it helps to prevent leaks so your roof may require fewer repairs.

3. AC repairs

An AC unit that's overworked can ice up and require hundreds of dollars of repairs. Even if it doesn't fail catastrophically, your unit accrues more wear and tear the more often it's on. Putting a giant heat-collecting device (e.g., a black roof) on top of your building is a great way to overwork an air conditioning system all summer. If you have a cool roof, your air conditioning system will have a much easier life, which might save you money on repairs and replacements in the long run. The air conditioning unit might even last longer overall.

These three reasons demonstrate how useful a cool roof can be to a budget-oriented homeowner or business owner. If you care at all about comfort, environmental responsibility, or public image, you'll have even more reasons to make the change. For more information, talk to a roofing contractor.

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