3 Alternatives To Give Your Home The Look Of Wood Siding

Traditionally, siding on homes has been made out of wood boards for lap siding or split logs for shakes. Today, there are many alternatives to conventional wood siding, which can be composite materials, vinyl and fiber cement. These materials have many advantages over wood, such as being more durable. Here are some of the alternatives you may want to consider to give your home the look of wood siding:

1. Vinyl Siding Systems With The Look Of Wood Materials

If you want to have the look of wood on your home, you may want to think about vinyl siding. There are some shake style vinyl products that are made to look like wood grain siding. These materials can also have foam backing to make them more durable and resistant to damage. This can be a good solution if you want to have the look of shakes, but do not want to use real wood on your home.

2. New Composite Materials Meant To Look Like Wood Materials

Composite materials can be another good choice if you want to have the look of wood for your home. These can be materials that are made to look like shakes, lap and other siding styles. These materials are usually made out of recycled plastics, rubber and wood waste, which make them a good choice for a green building material. Some of these materials can even have a finish that is made to look like tropical hardwoods and other finishes. These are durable materials that are resistant to rot and insects.

3. Fiber Cement Siding Materials For A Durable Traditional Lap Siding Look

Fiber cement materials can be another good choice if you want to have a durable siding that looks like wood. These materials may not have a wood finish, but they are installed just like conventional siding and very durable. You can also get fiber cement in many different styles, which include shakes, lap siding and board-and-batten. If you want to have a wood finish, you can have the fiber cement materials painted with a wood grain paint job to make them look more like wood.

These are some of the materials you may want to consider for an alternative to real wood siding. If you are ready to have new siding installed on your home, contact a siding contractor and talk with them about using these materials for your new siding.  

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