Three Steps To Getting Your Yard Ready For A Roofing Contractor

Whether it's time to have your roof replaced or you just need some repair work done, the best approach is to hire a roofing contractor for the job. Having a professional take care of the task ensures that it will be done correctly, which will limit your likelihood of complications in the form of leaks in the future. Once you arrange for the contractor to visit your home, there are a handful of important tasks that you can perform to ensure that your yard is ready for the contractor and his or her crew. Successfully handling these jobs will decrease the length of the contractor's visit, which can save you money.

Relocate Yard Obstacles

When the roofing contractor needs to access your roof, he or she will use one or more ladders placed in specific locations around the perimeter of your home and might also move these ladders on occasion. To ensure the contractor can get to work right away, take some time to relocate any obstacles that could otherwise interfere with the ladder placement. This means that bicycles, yard tools and other items stored against the side of your home need to find a temporary new home by the time the contractor arrives.

Trim Back Overgrown Trees

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home to see if any tree branches are growing over your roof. If so, it's ideal to either trim them back yourself or hire a tree service to handle the job. The roofing contractor won't be able to perform the work if there are excessive tree branches in the way; you taking care of this issue can ensure the contractor is able to get down to business right away. Furthermore, tree branches can pose a tripping hazard for a contractor on your roof, so ensuring any trees in your yard are tidily pruned is important.

Ensure Your Lawn Is Mowed

Mowing your lawn in the days before the roofing contractor arrives is about more than just giving your yard an aesthetic quality. Closely mowed grass will aid the contractor's clean-up efforts after the job is done. Virtually every roofing job will involve some nails being dropped to the grass below; making sure the grass is short will improve the contractor's ability to retrieve the nails during the job's clean-up phase. This will dramatically reduce the risk of nails being left behind that could injure you or a family member.


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