Replace Your Stores Tar And Gravel Roof With Spray Foam

Up until recently flat roofs were covered with tar and gravel. The process was relatively simple. Hot tar was laid onto the roof and pea gravel was spread onto the hot tar. When the tar cooled, the gravel was secured in place. The gravel was used to protect the tar from UV light. However, these roofs eventually need to be replaced. The tar begins to break down and water can get through the gravel and necessitate patchwork.

If your store needs a new roof, consider installing a spray foam roof. These are superior to the old gravel and tar roofs in several ways. Below is a discussion of the spray foam roofs benefits.


Spray foam may sound soft, but the end product is super durable. The foam goes through a chemical reaction and hardens into a very durable surface. It is hard enough to walk on and even move machinery over, given the underlying roof is strong enough to support the weight.

Level Your Roof

One of the big issues with a gravel and tar roof is that they are almost impossible to level out completely. This causes low spots where water can collect. This leads to rot that can allow water to leak into your store.

Spray foam allows you to get a completely level surface. This is because you can make several passes with the foam until it is level. Each pass will eventually harden to create one uniform surface. This is impossible to achieve with gravel and tar. There will always be non-uniform spots.


Spray foam roofs are seamless. This is why they are preferred to other new roofing methods such as metal panels. A seamless roof allows for no tiny spaces where water can leak in.

Better Insulation Means Lower Energy Bills

A huge selling point for spray foam roofing is that it has incredible insulating properties. This is something that will save you money year round. During the winter, when you're running your heater, you will lose less heat through the roof than with a gravel and tar roof. Likewise, you can run your air conditioner on a lower setting during the summer because the cold air won't be lost through the roof as easy as with your old roof.

Maintenance Free

If you're sick of getting up on your gravel roof and clearing off debris, then you will love a spray foam roof. Leaves, twigs, and other debris are not a problem. After the initial protective sealer is applied to protect against UV rays, then you won't have to go back up and do any upkeep on the roof again.

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