What Makes Foam Roof Coatings Different

Contrary to many people's beliefs, spray foam roofing has been in use as insulation and roofing for decades. Numerous studies can be found on these systems that show the long lasting benefits. With proper maintenance, foam roofing can be a lifelong purchase.

What is Spray Foam Roofing?

It is typically Polyurethane that is a mixture of polyol and isocyanate. The importance of these two substances is that they are directed through two separate chambers in the spray gun and mixed when they hit the air. Because it does not dry instantly, it is given time to fill cracks and evenly distribute as a liquid which means that a solid and seamless structure will form. Of course, the surface needs to be dry and clean for it to be effective. It can be applied with spray containers or even with rollers.

The advantages of spray foam over other roofing options are:

  • Flexible - it can be applied to almost any surface
  • Light - weighing around 50 pounds a square as compared to 800 pounds for a built roof, the weight advantage is clear
  • Heat Insulation - it insulates very well, keeping unwanted heat out and the home's natural heat in during the winter
  • Lifespan - with little requirements of maintenance, keeping them in great shape for long periods of time is easy.

Insulating Other Structures

You can insulate more than just your roof, SPF systems are used to protect other structures as well. For example, the oil and chemical industries ave used it widely.


Because of all the enclosed cells, the foam is a barrier that keeps moisture from infiltrating the building. This can keep dew point problems at bay and also rid your structure of condensation issues.

If water does penetrate the top layers, the rest of the membrane will keep the water contained and it will leave time for repairs to fill in any gaps with caulk or more foam. This can be done without adding much extra weight to the structure.

Spray foam may not be as widely known as other types of roofing insulation, but it is more effective in many cases. Many industries, not just homeowners, have been using spray foam to enjoy its many advantages for decades. These advantages include increased insulation, longer lifespan, lower costs, and more lightweight material. Consider the unique properties of foam roof coating and the possibility that you, your roof, and your family may be best served with this solution.

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