3 Best Roofing Materials For A Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs combine the angles of a barn roof with the charm of a storybook cottage. The mansard has two different parts: a lower section with four long and steep sides and an upper part with shorter sloping segments that meet at a soft peak. The unique appearance of a mansard means the roofing material can really make a huge difference in how your home looks. And the shape brings forward some other considerations on what is the best roofing material for your home.  

If you are discussing a new roof with your roofing contractor, here are a few of the best materials to consider.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has two advantages on a mansard roof: an interesting appearance and waterproofing capabilities. The metal roofing is available in a range of colors, both natural and tinted, that can keep your roof from looking like an oversized shed.

Strips of roofing are applied side-by-side and snapped together so that an alternating pattern of peaks and valleys is formed. The watertight connections help on the sharp corners of the connecting sections of the roof and help carry water off the flatter sections at the top of a mansard roof.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are cedar shingles that have a thicker texture and a natural look even when stained. The shakes are staggered during placement, which can further bring out the storybook or the rustic appeal of a mansard roof.

Despite their beauty, wood shakes do have a couple of potential downsides. Varying weather can cause a constriction and expansion cycle that prematurely warps or damages the shingles, which requires more maintenance and replacements. Insects can also cause damage to the wood shingles.

Slate Tiles

Prefer a classical elegance to the rustic or storybook looks? Slate tiles can help you transform your mansard roof into something out of an architectural magazine. The slate tiles or shingles are only available in natural stone colors, but that is rather the point of selecting slate as a material.

The tiles can be laid in a variety of patterns for even more visual interest. Consider herringbone for a truly classic look. The tiles are relatively smooth, which helps whisk water off the top of the mansard roof.

Slate's main downside is the cost, especially when you factor in the relatively large surface area of a mansard roof. But if budget allows, a slate roof might provide you with the home of your dreams.

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