3 Roofing Materials Well-Suited For A Georgian Home

Georgian homes are a classic part of American architecture with the simple lines on the base structure, brought out by ornamental additions and a large hipped roof with multiple dormers. If you own a Georgian home that's in need of a new roof, there are some architecture-specific considerations to keep in mind as well as your own personal preferences on style.

What are some of the best roofing materials for a Georgian home? Here are a few of the options you can discuss with your residential roofing contractors.

Slate Tiles

Georgian homes have a natural regality that pairs well with the elegance of slate tiles. The tiles are only available in a narrow range of natural stone colors, but the natural swirls and color variations are a large part of the material's charm.

Slate tiles are extremely durable, low maintenance, and can help the hipped roof shape better shed off rainwater and melting snow. The hipped roof is well-braced to support the weight of the slate tiles, unlike some other, more open roofing styles.

The only real downside of slate is the cost. But if slate tiles are within your project budget, and you like the look of the material, this might be the best choice for your roofing project.  

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles can also accent the regality of a Georgian home while also giving the structure more of a country estate look. The shingles are thick, textured, and can be stained several natural colors. The way the shingles are laid during installation helps water drain easily between the shingles and off the hipped roof. 

Wood is a bit higher maintenance than many other roofing materials. The material constricts and expands with high heat or freezing temperatures, and frequent changes between the two can cause damage on the shingles faster. There's also the possibility for insect infestation.

But proper maintenance and spot repairs can keep these potential problems relatively at bay. You might consider the bit of extra work worth the visual impact that wood shingles provide.

Asphalt Shingles

The word "asphalt" might not bring to mind regality in the same way that slate tiles and wood shingles do. But asphalt shingles have come a long way over the years, and the shingles can look great on taller Georgian homes or on any Georgian home when budget is your primary concern.

Hipped roofs do have rather large surface areas, so project costs can mount quickly. Asphalt shingles are not just affordable but also durable, easy to install and repair, and lightweight. The shingles can be fabricated to resemble wood or slate in texture or pattern and come in a variety of solid matte colors that can help keep the visual focus on the lines of your home rather than a specific building material. Contact a company like Spangler Roofing for more information.

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