3 Tips To Ensure Your Safety During Your First Roof Repair Job

Most homeowners are pretty good about taking care of their house, but one area that can sometimes be overlooked is the roof. Your roof needs a regular inspection just like every other part of your estate to ensure it remains in good condition. If you've recently discovered that your roof is going to need a little bit of work, you have a couple of options: hire a professional contractor or do it yourself. If you insist on going it alone but you've never done any roof repair work before, you're going to want to make sure you are prepared for the job. Here are 3 tips you should follow to ensure you get through the repairs without any safety mishaps.

Keep the Ladder Stable

You're not going to be able to get up on the roof if you can't climb up there safely. The first mistake some homeowners make when doing a roof repair is failing to buy stabilizers for the ladder. Ladder stabilizers will ensure that the roof stays in place if a gust of wind comes or if you suddenly shift your weight a little bit. Ensure the ladder is fully secured by shaking it a bit before climbing up and back down.

Wear the Right Gear

Safety while on top of the roof has a lot to do with what you're wearing. You'll want to start with some sturdy, no-slip work boots. Also, wear pants that are not too loose so that they don't get caught on anything. Grabbing yourself a pair of safety goggles is also a good idea, as well as a helmet. Finally, a safety harness will allow you to move around the roof freely without worrying as much about taking a spill. You can find all of these items at your local home improvement store.

Watch the Weather Closely Before and During the Job

You never want to be on top of your house if the weather looks like it's about to turn. But even if it's not raining, you'll also want to get a feel for what the wind is like. It can be much windier on the top of your house than it is at the ground level. If you begin to notice the wind picking up or storm clouds moving in, don't be a hero, get off the roof immediately.

Your first roof repair job will go off without a hitch if you ensure that you have the right safety equipment and state of mind beforehand. Ladder stabilizers, non-slip boots, and other safety equipment will ensure you are protected in the event something goes wrong. If after getting up on the roof you decide you just can't hack it yourself, there's no shame in calling a professional contractor, like Silver Bow Construction, for help.

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