Diagnosing And Repairing Your Home's Leaky Roof

Having a leak in your roof is a frustrating experience, and if the water is flowing quickly into your house, it is an emergency as well.  You'll need to contact a professional to help you out, since if it is not repaired soon, it could end up costing you more in repairs.  Though if the leak is a slow one, you may be able to fix the problem all on your own.  These tips can help you do it.

Finding The Leak's Source

Finding where the water is coming in isn't guaranteed to be an easy process. Start off by inspecting inside your house in the attic.  You want to look out for stains that are light brown in color along the bottom of the roof. If you notice them, then water is definitely getting in somewhere through your roof and creating damage.

With an approximate idea of where the leak could be originating from, examine your home's roofing tiles in that area.  You want to note any tiles that seemed damage, which could mean that they are curling slightly, not securely nailed down, or even missing completely.

Looking For Damage Inside

Damage is likely to occur when the roof leak has gone unnoticed for quite some time.  It's a good idea to thoroughly investigate the house for damage to ensure you don't miss anything.

You already know where the discolored parts of your walls and ceiling are, so follow them down to the floor below.  Your primary concern should be to look for wood that is rotting. That is because wood rot is more than cosmetic damage, and can put the structural stability of your home at risk since rotting wood has a chance of breaking apart easily.  Rotting wood may also feel damp when you touch it.

Completing Repairs

After the issues have been found, it is time to start performing repairs.  Start by replacing the shingles that have become damaged, since more water coming in can damage anything that you repaired.  Pieces of wood that are rotting should be replaced for safety, but they also pose the risk of growing mold inside it.  Then start working on cosmetic issues, like repainting walls and ceilings that have become discolored.

If this seems like too much work for you, or the repairs are out of your skill level, know that you can always contact a professional to do the work for you. A local roofing contractor can handle all the hard parts that you may not feel comfortable doing on your own. Visit http://www.rainydayexteriors.com for more information.   

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