3 Reasons To Consider A Copper Roof

One of the best roofing materials that you can consider for your home is copper, mostly because it offers a range of benefits that most other roofing materials would be hard-pressed to match. Listed below are three reasons to consider a copper roof.


An issue that often comes up with many high-end roofing materials is that they are too heavy for many homes to support. This is often the case when trying to build a slate or ceramic tile roof. In that situation, homeowners will typically have to opt for a lesser roofing material or spend quite a bit of money reinforcing their roof structure in order to cope with the weight of the roofing materials.

However, copper tiles can help you avoid that issue as they are among the lightest roofing materials available to you. Due to their light weight, copper tiles are ideal for use on just about any structure without any modifications or reinforcements being necessary to support them.


One of the more useful benefits provided by a copper roof is that the copper tiles can actually make your entire home a few degrees cooler in the summer. This is because the copper itself is highly reflective which allows it to reflect sunlight away from your roof. Since the light is not being absorbed by your home, the entire home will be a bit cooler in the summer, which will lead to lower cooling costs in the summer as well as less strain on your air conditioner. 


Finally, copper is a great option because it will last for a very long time, usually just under 100 years. This is a big advantage over some other roofing options that will typically only last a fraction of that time before needing to be replaced. 

One of the reasons for the long lifespan offered by copper is that it is not really affected by the things that commonly cause damage to other roofing materials. Copper is one of the most fireproof roofing materials available, so a neighborhood fire is unlikely to be able to damage or ignite it. In addition, copper is not an organic material so boring insects such as beetles and termites will not be attracted to it or attempt to bore into the material.

Contact a roofing contractor today in order to discuss if copper roofing is a good choice for your home and budget. Copper can provide you with a light, reflective, and long-lasting roof for your home. 

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