Don't Let These Myths Keep You From Choosing a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are becoming more and more common. They are inexpensive compared to other options like tile and slate, and they do a great job of reflecting sunlight, leading to lower AC bills. Still, some homeowners are afraid to explore the option of a metal roof because they've heard some false myths about them. Here's a look at these myths -- and the actual truth.

Myth: Metal roofs are noisy when it rains.

Perhaps you've been in a pole barn or garage with a metal roof when it's raining. The noise can be pretty loud! However, the metal roofs on homes are not nearly as noisy. They are placed on top of a wooden underlayment, which absorbs a lot of the sound. Plus, the layer of insulation beneath your roof absorbs more noise. The average person cannot tell the difference in rain volume in a house with a metal roof and one with a conventional shingle roof.

Myth: Your metal roof will rust.

Metal roofs are specifically made to resist rusting and corrosion. You can find a galvanized steel roof, which is coated in a zinc compound that will never rust. Another less expensive option is aluminum -- a metal that does not rust. Aluminum on its own will eventually corrode, but this can be prevented by remembering to paint or coat your roof every ten years or so. Having your roof sprayed with rust-proof paint is a simple endeavor. Your roofing contractor can tackle this task in an afternoon, and then your roof will be set for another decade.

Myth: Metal roofs are ugly.

Chances are, you've driven past hundreds of home with metal roofs. You just didn't realize it because these metal roofs don't look like you'd expect. There are so many colors and styles of metal roofs. Some are made from individual metal shingles that may even be textured to look like wood or slate tiles. Others are made from larger metal panels, which can be painted any color and also textured as you desire. Of course, if you want the metallic, shiny option, roofing companies offer this, too.

If you'd like to learn more about metal roofs and their benefits, contact a roofing company in your area. They can evaluate your home and provide you with estimates for various types of metal roofs. Regardless of which you choose, you can bet it will be quiet, attractive, and durable.

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