3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Gutter Guards

Gutter guards, like their name would indicate, are installations that are placed over your gutters that block debris from entering your gutters and downspouts, while still allowing water to pass through. While gutter guards come in a wide range of different designs, from metal panels with holes punched in them to large bristled rolls, all carry a similar set of benefits. Understanding what some of those advantages are can help you figure out if installing gutter guards on your roof is the right choice for you.

1. Less Maintenance

The most obvious reason why you should consider installing gutter guards is because doing so will greatly reduce the amount of organic debris that clogs up your gutters. While you will still need to have your gutters cleaned, once a season is usually more than often enough. This means that you won't have to climb up onto your roof as often, reducing amount of time that you are on a ladder (a safety risk, no matter how high) and saving you time more generally.

2. Reduced Water Damage

In a somewhat related train of thought to the above point, reducing the number of clogs that develop in your gutter system will also greatly reduce the risk of your home and landscape experiencing water damage. This is because clogs in your gutters and downspouts can allow for water to overflow, either seeping back onto your roof where it can cause shingle wear and get into your attic, or flowing over the other side where it can cause damage to your siding and enter your home behind the drywall. Further, it should be noted that significant amounts of overflow can cause flooding around the base of your home, causing soil erosion and damage to plants and flowerbeds. It can even soak into the ground where it can enter your basement and cause further damage.

3. Cost Savings

Finally, beyond the practical benefits associated with less maintenance and a reduced risk of water damage in and around your home, is the fact that both of these things represent significant cost savings to you as a homeowner. This is because less water damage means reduced repair and replacement costs. Further, fewer clogs in your gutters reduce the risk of your gutters becoming damaged because of the added weight of physical debris, standing water, and other environmental stresses. This means that gutter guards are a sound financial investment that can pay for themselves in savings over a long enough period of time.

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