3 Areas To Check To Prevent Water Leaks On Your Roof This Fall

As summer fades away and fall starts its approach, you need to take a look at your roof to make sure that it is in good shape to handle all the rain and snow that is going to come its way in the upcoming months. The mild weather in the fall presents the perfect opportunity for you to inspect and repair your roof and take preventative steps to ensure that water doesn't leak under your roof this year. 

#1 Check Out Your Chimney

Start by inspecting your chimney. If you didn't clean your chimney last spring, hire a chimney sweep to come out and clean your chimney. They can also inspect the structural integrity of your chimney and make sure it is in good shape. On your own, check the caulking around your chimney. Caulking tends to wear down after a few years and needs to be reapplied. If the caulking is worn down on your chimney, just purchase some chimney or roofing caulking from your local home improvement store and apply it to the base of your chimney on a dry day.

#2 Check Out Vents & Pipes

Next, check all the vents and pipes on your roof. Like your chimney, caulking is placed around the base of all vents and pipes on your roof to ensure that water doesn't get under them and damage your roof. You can use the same caulking you would around the base of your chimney to fix up the base of your vents and pipes. When in doubt, add a protective layer of caulking. It's better to have a little too much caulking than too little around the vents and pipes on your roof.

#3 Check Out the Valleys

The valleys are where the slopes of your roof meet together. Water and debris tend to naturally channel down these roofs, and results in these roofs getting worn down at a faster rate than the rest of your roof.

Look at the valley and particularly the shingles. Are the shingles in the valleys on your roof more worn down than the rest of the shingles? Are they curling up around the edges? If the shingles in the valleys on your roof seem more worn-out than other shingles, hire a roofing company to do a valley replacement. They are not that expensive and can help extend the overall life of your roof while ensuring that water doesn't seep under your roof and shorten the overall life of your roof.

This fall, check out the chimney, vents, pipes, and valleys on your roof. These are three vulnerable areas that wear down quickly and may need a little attention to ensure that water doesn't get under your roof and damage the decking or even worse, get into your home. For more information, contact your local roofing contractors.

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