Commercial Roofing: Not A Black Or White Decision

Roofing materials play a central role in the condition and efficiency of any building. Commercial buildings rely on their roofing systems to protect costly inventory and reduce overhead spending by reducing energy usage.

Commercial roofing systems can be purchased in two colors: white or black. The color that you select for your commercial roof can have a significant impact on the function of your building in the future. A number of factors should be considered to ensure you select the right commercial roofing materials when updating your building.

Outdoor Temperatures

The average outdoor temperature in your area can influence which roof color will serve your needs best over time. Commercial buildings located in warmer climates tend to pair best with white roofing materials.

White roofs reflect the sun's rays, allowing a building's cooling system to function more efficiently. A black roof is a better option for commercial buildings in cooler climates, since the black color helps to absorb the sun's rays. The building's interior will stay warm without increasing the workload on your heating system.

Average Snowfall

Another factor that you will want to consider when selecting roofing materials is the amount of snowfall you receive in your area. Commercial buildings tend to have flat roofs. This roof design allows snow and ice to accumulate on the surface throughout the winter months.

A white roofing system will have a cooler surface, preventing the snow and ice from melting quickly. You may find it challenging to access your roof to perform routine maintenance on mechanical units. A black roof should be selected to help promote the melting of snow, while a white roof will not pose a problem for commercial buildings in areas with low levels of snowfall.


The amount of insulation installed within your commercial space can play a role in the roofing materials that will be most efficient for your property.

If you have high quality insulation, then a black roof could cause your building's interior to get too warm. If you don't want to update your older insulation when replacing your commercial roof, then you can benefit from the heat-trapping capabilities of a black roof.

Be sure to account for insulation types and energy efficiency ratings before you make the choice between black or white commercial roofing materials.

Roof color can impact your commercial space in many ways. Work with an experienced contractor, such as at Right Way Roofing, Inc, to help you determine whether a black or white roof will best enhance the function and efficiency of your commercial building.

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