Six Important Spring Maintenance Tasks For Your Home's Gutters

You need to make sure that your gutters are functioning properly in the springtime. Springtime rains can be heavy and put a lot of stress on your roof and gutter system. If gutters are not functioning properly when spring rains come, many issues can result, like excessive moisture collecting on your roof and around your home's foundation. You can get your gutters in shape for spring and ensure that your home stays in good shape regardless of how heavy spring rains are by doing the following six things.

Have any leaks sealed up

Leaks can develop in gutters over time for a variety of reasons. They can develop because of corrosion or because of impact damage, for example. Fortunately, leaks can usually be closed up with sealant so that they will effectively channel water to the downspouts. You should have gutters inspected for leaks and have any existing leaks sealed up to prepare for spring.

Make sure downspouts are draining properly into the downspouts

Downspouts that are clogged will cause water flow in gutters to back up. You need to make sure that nothing is clogging up your downspouts by making sure that water that goes into gutters properly drains away. If there is a clog in your downspouts, have a professional gutter service correct the problem before spring rains arrive.

Clean out any debris

One thing that's unfortunate about gutters is that they are prone to collecting debris. Debris within gutters will clog them up and prevent water from flowing through them properly. Have your gutters cleaned out to make sure that vegetation and other debris is not clogging them up and preventing proper functioning.

Make sure that gutters slope downward toward the downspouts

Gutters are designed so that they slope slightly downward at the downspouts so that water drains out of them effectively. It's important to make sure that your gutters haven't shifted so that they aren't sloping downward properly. Improperly gutters could lead to standing water within them that could create problems. If you think your gutters aren't sloping properly, you should contact a gutter service to have a look at them. 

Consider having covers added to gutters

You may want to consider adding covers to your gutters to help keep debris out. Debris can easily get into gutters during the spring and summer due to all the growing vegetation around.  Covers don't just keep vegetation out. They can also minimize the chances that animals will build nests within gutters that will create pesky clogs.

Make sure gutters are securely held up with fasteners

Fasteners holding gutters up can weaken over time. Gutters need to be securely attached to stay in place when spring rains deposit heavy loads into them. It's important to replace fasteners if necessary to prepare for spring. 

For more information or help getting your gutters ready for spring showers, contact a professional gutter service.

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