Factors That Impact Roof Installation Time

When you need a roof installed on your home, it is natural to wonder about the installation time. The truth is that a wide range of factors impact installation time for a new roof. Some of the factors that impact the installation time include the square footage of your roof, the roof slope, the roof age and condition, and the weather conditions when your roof is installed.

Size of the Roof

One of the factors that impact your roof installation the time is the size of your roof. The square footage greatly impacts the installation time. The greater the square footage, the longer the installation will take. Additional time will be required to replace a roof on a larger home compared to a smaller home.

The Slope of the Roof

Second, the slope of your roof will impact how long it takes to install your roof. A really steep pitch will increase the replacement time. With steep roofs, the roofers have to take more safety measures to protect themselves while replacing your roof. Replacing a steep roof can also be more complicated, as supplies have to be handled differently to ensure they don't slide down the slope of the roof during the installation process. The height of the slope matters as well. A short slope will be easier to replace than a really tall section of sloped roofs. Examples of roof styles that may require extra time include A-frame roofs and Cape Cod style roofs.

Age of the Roof

Next, the age and maintenance status of your roof matter. If your roof has been leaking and you have decided to replace it, the sub-roof may be damaged. If the sub-roofing is damaged, the roofing company is going to have to replace the sub-roof and possibly the underlying supports as well. The more material that has to be replaced, the longer the roof replacement is going to take.

Weather on Installation Day

Finally, the weather on the day of installing your roof will impact how long the installation will take. If it starts to rain, your roof installation will more than likely take longer. Your roofing team can't work when the conditions are unsafe.

Roof installation time is dependent upon square footage, the degree of slope, the age and condition of the roof, as well as the weather on the installation day. Talk to your residential roofing contractor to get a good idea on how long it will take for your particular roof to be replaced.

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