Getting New Vinyl Siding? Know How To Keep It Looking Great

Have you recently decided to replace your old vinyl siding due to it not looking too good? If so, you'll likely be looking for ways to keep the new material in pristine condition. Thankfully, it is not very difficult to maintain vinyl siding so that it looks great. 

Clean The Material

The easiest way to deal with mildew and mold that is growing on the vinyl siding is to clean it. Cleaning can be done by using a power washer and a cleaning solution designed to clean vinyl siding. Just be sure to test the power washer in a small area of your vinyl siding that is not noticeable, just in case the power washer causes damage or the cleaning solution causes discoloration. Consider cleaning the material twice a year, with the spring and fall being a good time to take care of this important job.

Trim The Landscaping

Anything that rubs against your home's vinyl siding will cause problems over time. Plants, trees, and brushes can not only scratch vinyl siding if it is growing too close, but they can also leave stains behind that are difficult to clean. Make sure that you trim landscaping so that nothing is in direct contact with the siding material. You may need to move plants slightly farther away from the home or trim tree branches that have reached the side of the house. 

Make Repairs

You don't want to ignore your vinyl siding if you notice a small hole or crack in the material. Damage can always get worse over the years, leading to bigger problems that cannot be as easily repaired. Holes in siding material can also make a space where pests will get in and create a nest. Roaches, ants, and mice are all a pain to remove once they are behind the siding material. Water can also get into cracks, causing mold growth in a place that is difficult to clean.

Small cracks can be fixed with a little bit of caulk. Go over the crack with a bead of caulk to prevent problems from getting worse over time. It is possible to get caulk that matches the color of your siding so that it blends in better.

These are just a few ways to maintain your vinyl siding material over the years. Looking for more tips? Reach out to your siding contractor when having the material installed on your home. Get assistance with home siding replacement from a company near you and see what else they can do to help you out.

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